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Our Story

Nick & Mike, the owners of North Beach Mini Golf (NBMG), are two brothers who had a dream. Growing up in Pennsylvania and relocating to New Jersey, they have enjoyed frequent trips to Atlantic City with both friends and family. 


Nick & Mike fell in love with AC once introduced to many of the non-casino entertainment establishments that have sprouted in the last 5 years. During the pandemic, they rekindled their love of miniature golf and found the lack of miniature golf courses in Atlantic City as an opportunity. They wanted to combine the fun of miniature golf, with the uniqueness of Atlantic City and the gorgeous views of the Inlet ocean and City skyline. 

We hope you enjoy your time and make some memories in our little corner of AC!

Hours of Operation

8:30am - 10:00pm Everyday

Summer Hours until Sept 2nd 2024

On bad weather days call to confirm:


Happy Woman Playing Miniature Golf in Atlantic City

The Course


120 Euclid Ave.

Atlantic City, NJ

18 Holes of Par 2 - Par 3

Total Par = 40



It's free- plain and simple! In a city plagued by extortion-level parking rates, we're proud to offer complimentary parking for our guests on our highly-visible, safe, lighted street adjacent to the course!

An image of Free Parking space from Monopoly


While we don't have a full-on Michelin-Star kitchen or offer adult beverages, we do have a great concession stand where you can purchase drinks and snacks including ice cream and other refreshments all day from us! Looking for more options? Check out our local guide for recommended spots to eat & drink- be sure to tell 'em NBMG sent ya!

A visual image of concessions and treats at North Beach Mini Golf
Rules Of Play


We're thrilled to have you here for a fantastic round of miniature golf. To ensure everyone's enjoyment and safety, we kindly ask you to follow our guidelines. Don't worry, we've made them friendly yet firm for a memorable experience:

North Beach Mini Golf Mascot Seagull
  • It's even more fun with a group of 5 or less players. Grab your friends and family for a great time!​

  • To keep the game flowing smoothly, please wait for each player to complete the hole before the next one begins. Patience makes the victory sweeter.

  • Aim for greatness but remember, the maximum strokes per hole is 7. Challenge yourself to find that perfect balance of skill and precision.

  • If your ball goes off the course, no worries! Simply return it to the carpet at the point of departure. However, if it ventures off at an ADA cut-out location, no penalty will be given. In other cases, there is a one-stroke penalty.

  • If your ball rests against a curb, you may move it up to 1 club length. A little nudge can make all the difference!

  • Were you the winner at hole #2? Congrats! As a reward, you get to roll the dice at hole #3. Brace yourself for an exciting challenge that will test your skills and create obstacles for you and your opponents.

  • To all aspiring hole-in-one masters! If you manage to achieve that elusive Hole-In-One on the center hole of #18, please let our friendly Clubhouse staff know. We'll celebrate your triumph!

Safety & Conduct

General Facility Rules

Night Golf in Atlantic City, New Jersey
A group of friends playing night golf under the stars in Atlantic City

Help us keep North Beach Mini-Golf a safe and fun place for all by adhering to our general rules and code of conduct on our property below:

  • Our green is where the magic happens, so please stick to playing only on the designated course. Let's keep the fun contained!

  • We care about your safety, so we kindly request that you refrain from swinging the putter above your knees. Smooth swings and happy knees lead to a great game.

  • While we appreciate your adventurous spirit, climbing on or under the fencing is not allowed. Let's keep both feet on the ground.

  • For your safety and the preservation of our structures, please avoid standing or balancing on golf structures such as barrels, walls of the holes, benches, fencing, etc. Let the obstacles challenge your skills, not your balance!

  • We prioritize accessibility. The entrance by the ramp is reserved for our ADA customers. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  • The fountain, bushes, and stone pebble landscaping are beautiful to look at but not meant for body parts. Please refrain from touching or entering those areas. Let's keep our course pristine.

  • To maintain a friendly and safe environment, we kindly ask that you refrain from throwing golf balls, clubs, rocks, or any other objects. Your skills on the course will be more than enough to impress everyone!

  • Our bathroom facilities are reserved for paying customers and employees. Thank you for respecting this guideline.​

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