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Your Guide To Non-Gaming Fun In Atlantic City!

Most people assume Atlantic City is this fast, sprawling mecca of casinos and hotels like Las Vegas, but the truth is we are a very small island with a total footprint of 17 square miles, whereas Las Vegas is 136 square miles. That's right, our little paradise by the sea is 1/8 the size of Sin City, but we've got a lot of heart and many small non-gaming businesses that deserve your attention. Here's our local map created by @WhatTheShellArts for your exploring pleasure! 

Fun Atlantic City Map by @WhatTheShellArts

Atlantic City is alive and thriving!

Atlantic City can be a bit of a taboo subject for some, but much of the time it is the naysayers who have not been to the little seaside mecca in years who are saying the most-negative things. We love Atlantic City and it's history, it's present and what is in-store for the future.

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