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Bike Rentals on the Atlantic City Boardwalk

Bike & Surrey Rentals in Atlantic City

Travel the Atlantic City Boardwalk with a rental from North Beach Mini Golf! Make your way south to see the world-famous beaches and visit legendary spots like Steel Pier and Orange Loop, or head north to the inlet and visit the Atlantic City Aquarium!

North Beach Mini-Golf offers convenient, affordable bicycle and Surrey bike rentals for groups and families who want to get that exercise without the achey feet at the end of the day!

"...what in the world is a Surrey?"

Originally called Quadricycles, what we now call Surrey Bikes were an invention of the mid-19th century in England. If you feel like going down a black hole of "why do I need to know this?" info, visit our History Of The Surry Bike page!

Surrey Rental Booth in Atlantic City

Interested in hosting a group?

North Beach Mini-Golf is the perfect family and group venue for outdoor events with million-dollar views!

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